Multi-Species Dementia Strategic Development Group

Supported by a Research Network Grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Strategic Development Group [SDG] is a core group of members who provide strategic direction to the network.

During 2022-2024, the SDG will focus on two primary development goals:

  • Developing methodological frameworks for researching the lived experiences of dementia across species
  • Designing theoretically rich, practice-focused interventions to facilitate ‘inter-species wellbeing’ at key points during the dementia journey (e.g. diagnosis; care transitions; end of life)

Strategic Development Group:

Strategic Development Group (top left to bottom right):

Dr Nicholas Jenkins, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Dr Anna Jack-Waugh, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Dr Louise Ritchie, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Dr Camille Bellet, University of Manchester, UK

Prof Colleen Dell, University of Saskatchewan, CANADA

Dr Rebecca Lassell, New York University, USA

Prof Elizabeth Peel, Loughborough University, UK

Dr Lorena Sordo, University of California, USA

Dr Rich Gorman, Brighton & Sussex Medical School, UK

Dr Sarah Campbell, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Vanessa Ashall, University of York, UK

Dr Sarah Swift, The Scottish Government, UK

Dr Tula Branelly, Auckland University of Technology, ZEW ZEALAND

Dr Barbara Sharp, Alzheimer Scotland, UK (retired)

Prof Marie Fox, University of Liverpool, UK

Prof Melanie Rock, Calgary University, CANADA

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  • Cristina Douglas, University of Aberdeen
  • Elena Ratschen, University of York
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